The UTE in Cosmos

The microscopic and astrological world is a world that we are not able to imagined by analogy with our macroscopic world. Not only we must abandon our notions of individuality, materiality, spatial and temporal position, geometry space and shape, but also of truth, reality and evolution. Thes concepts belong only to structures and not to individuals. A structure is not the sum of individuals, it is a living entity to part!. Darwinian evolution is a failure when it speaks of an isolated individual (even the strongest) without seeing interactions with not only its own species but with all the other species and all the ecosystem!. Our universe is a Living System. Boltzman has taken out the individualities from gas molecules and speak only about the system to predict the average behaviour of all the system. Even the strongest creature is devoted to the death if it lives by itself since it has to copulate. A lonely member can not exist. If it is cut, the structure in charge of recreating it but the lost member cannot reconstitute neither himself nor the system !. All individuals of all systems are not a necessity to their system!. Disruptions (Perturbations) in values of the system appear only as « indeterministic » at large times with regard to the event that is located to the level of the temporary horizon. A horizon of a value of millions of millionth of a second. To this scale of time, the kinetic reactions are determined completely !.

Void and their role as a « WELD » in atomic EM bonding

We al hear about forces without never understanding how they really (qualitatively and quantitatively) behave. In the UTE theory, I said: « This original energy, the greatest of all energies was composed of Daron and matter that were « welded » together ». The Daron is the Void. We see that it acts on matter like an « Invisible Weld (IW) » or an invisible « glue » !.

The IW « vision » is responsible for both covalent as well as ionic bound. Actually it can even solve the mystery of covalent and ionic bounds. We all know that in covalent bounds nuclei share electrons to increase electricity while in ionic bounds nuclei compete for electron to increase resistivity. We thought that covalent bonds are possible between say Cu an O2 but not between pairs of Cu atoms. This is not true if we consider that Void is still there to weld the two atoms. The physical parameters of importance in this bonds are of course temperature but also Electrical and magnetic field which are transported by the void.

The kinetics of quantum reaction is important to get the transition states life time of the reaction (chemical). For the true kinetics laws to be known you have to de the experiment at the level of the horizon :

Here are two very important things I should say that I have not said in the paper of the UTE:

– When I talk about a state, which physical state I ‘m talking about ?. For first approximation I could separate the variable!. So the effect of temperature (creep) on the flow of stress is has to be separated in first instance. The same for quantum kinetics the motion of atoms electronic (Schrodinger equation with fixed atoms) and atomic motion (by the quantum scattering collision based interaction) is separated as it is done with the Born-Oppenheimer approximation. This is only approximation that can give perturbed solutions !.

-When I talk about the Daron, I wanted to have a « weld » that explain the forces at the elementary particles which are now called Quarks. The Quark-Daron (QD) combination acts like the Gluon-Quark combination. The origin or the beginning of the universe (= constant in the third law of the UTE) consist of the first coupling of QD couple we have and then the 3,5,8, etc. couplings in a discontinuous evolution implying explosive instabilities. Of course the first QD’s have all the original big energy only for them. They must then be in a state like Plasma with temperature above 1015 K like the one that existed in the first 0.01 sec of the beginning of the universe.!.

The role of Void

We can read from : A tourist’s guide to the Milky Way (By Robert Roy Britt, :

« If it seems as though scientists are painting a pretty complete picture of the galaxy, consider this: The movements of stars tell researchers that they have yet to find about 95 percent of the mass in the Milky Way. Much of the dark matter, as researchers call it, is thought to exist in a vast sphere that surrounds the visible portions of the galaxy. It could be composed of ancient dwarf stars that can’t be seen or, as some suggest, it might exist in the form of small, elementary particles that aren’t yet understood. By figuring out the composition and role of dark matter, and understanding how the central black hole works, researchers will begin to put some of the final pieces of our galactic puzzle together.  »

This black matter, that can’t be seen, is thought to comprise the bulk of the Milky Way’s mass. The stars are mostly ancients (12 billion years old and older).

The role of Black Hole (BH)

Douglas Richstone [1], leader of the research team and a University of Michigan professor of astronomy.said :

« The formation and evolution of galaxies are intimately connected to the presence of a central massive black hole… Radiation and high-energy particles released by the formation and growth of black holes are the dominant sources of heat and kinetic energy for star-forming gas in protogalaxies. ».

These BH’s have masses of around millions times the masse of our sun. We still don’t know how BH works and precisely where all the matter and energy goes once it is drained inside. Since our views are only directed in sense, is there any correlation with the outflow of high-energy radiation that has been seen coming from other black holes ?. This is just a stupid question I again ask because it’s thought that a region cannot be separated (dismantled) in two separate places!. But maybe this is not true for BH’s.

Some researcher thinks that BH could be composed of ancient dwarf stars that can’t be seen. I think that this is not the case. My believe is to investigate what I call the Daron in the UTE which can more appropriate for describing void. The final pieces of our galactic puzzle can be put together only we find the composition and role of dark matter, and understanding how the central black hole works [2].

The universe at the cosmological horizon:

The accepted theory of evolution (expansion) gives a life time of nearly 15 billions years to the universe. Our galaxy has 10 billions years. But what happen at the end of our universe is strange. At a redshift (cosmological redshift) of 5.34 Dey [3] reported a newly star born with an age of less than one billion years proving hence that the accepted evolution scheme is imperfect! .

The scheme for the galaxies formation is as follow: graviational condensation of a massive amount of Hydrogen an Helium in the cool high density interstellar clouds….

The Unification of the four Forces

Since I’m a man of faith believing on the hidden world, I believe on force forces. I also believe in 5 dimensions for the space-time. The reason may seem stupid: The majority of plants, animals and even human have 5 « fingers » to hold matter on 5 directions (this is a good idea for robotics). Now the unifying of the four forces : NS (nuclear strong ), EM (electromagnetic), NW (nuclear weak), G (gravitaional) are :

  • the string theory [4] : here the entities are not point-like but finite lines (string) or closed loops formed by strings. The string is a one-dimensional curve with zero thickness and lengths (or loop diameters with an order of Plank length) !.
  • Grand unifying theories : The three forces (without G force) related by symmetry.
  • Super-symmetry: add the G forces. Super-strings are used here.
  • Membrane theory: extension of string theory wby extension of the geometry. (surfaces with n-dimensions

We see here that truth comes only from geometry (pure spirit). The possibility of geometrisation of physics and all the stuff we talked about in the chapter Physical consequences on the UTE. We seem to be in good agreement with the latest tendencies.

The shape of the Galaxy:

Galaxy NGC 1232, seen face on, is thought to look much like our Milky Way. New stars continue to form along outer fringes of the spiral arms [5]. I have studied in detail the spiral forms. This forms can be obtained directly from the UTE since the UTE is a based on the five dimension of the pentagon and the universal constant L . This came to me like a big shower I will tell you when this work will be more advanced.

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